11-19-2015 Deadlift

Punishing morning.  I need to start pushing the prowler around more.  My cardio is for shit.  Towards the last few rounds of squats I was getting light headed and dizzy. I had one (1) joker set in me before my back rounded over and I had to call it a day. Cycle 2, Week 1…

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11-18-2015 Press

Elbow still making heavy loads a pain in the ass.  I think I see a plateau on the horizon. Cycle 2, Week 2 (3×3) Warm Up Barx5 95×3 Work Sets 125×3 140×3 160×4 Projected 1RM from +3 set: 175 (Down from 180) FSL Down Sets 4x8x125 Assistance Work Curls Skull Crushers Triceps Extensions  

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11-15-2015 Squat

315 pounds for 10 reps!!!  Massive jump. Cycle 2, Week 2 (3×3) Warm Up Bar x 5 155 x 5 185 x 3 215 x 1 Work Sets (Low Bar) 245 x 5 280 x 5 315 x 10 Projected Max based on 3+ set: 420 lbs (Up from 366) FSL 2 x 8 x…

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11-13-2015 Bench

Definitely improving on this lift.  Happy face. Cycle 2, Week 1 Warm Up 10 fast (plyometric) push-ups Barx5 110×5 140×3 Work Sets 170×5 195×5 220×9 Projected Max based on 5+ set: 283 lbs (Up from 264) FSL Down Sets 5x8x170 Assistance Work Lateral Raises Rear Delt Raises Farmer Carries  


11-12-2015 Deadlift

My deadlift days are getting weird.  More often I’m finding that the main work takes so much out of me that there’s just not much left in the tank for any kind of assistance work.  At the end of my last work set today I felt faint and light headed as I put everything I…

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11-10-2015 Press

Pretty rough morning.  I always hate coming back from a deload because I feel underpowered.  The numbers definitely bear that out. Additionally, a pissed off elbow prevented me from doing any dips.  Stupid connective tissue. Cycle 2, Week 1 (3×5) Warm Up Barx5 Work Sets 115×5 130×5 150×6 Projected 1RM from +5 set: 174 (Down…